Hey, thanks for checking this out. I created this site for two reasons. One, because I felt it would be useful for the FFXIV community to have a map-based interactive resource, and two, because I needed a basis for my final year university project!

I limited the site to Heavensward areas as that is the current main content of the game and to save on having to gather all of ARR's data, but expanding the site to future and past content is something I'm keeping in mind. As for how that affects the site name... well I just can't resist a good pun, and I thought it'd be memorable. At the very least, I intend to continue updating the site for every Heavensward patch.

If you have any thoughts, comments or feature suggestions please use the form below as I'd love to hear them. Also if you'd like to donate for any reason I'd be very grateful, and I'll put the money towards web hosting to keep the site online as long as possible!

Thanks and enjoy the site!

- Lambert Rose (Odin)

To do list:

  • Shadowbringers gathering
  • A Realm Reborn... anything
  • Loading indicators
  • Clean up texts copied from Wiki


  • 17/03/16: Release date! Added two Vistas that were missing
  • 20/03/16: Added Concealed (Favor) nodes for mining and botany and some missing monsters
  • 30/03/16: Added gathering node star ★ display and stat requirements
  • 14/04/16: Submitted site for marking by university, so updates on hold until that's done!
  • 30/05/16: Big update! Added Diadem, Dragonskin Maps and there is now a proper mobile version. Various other UI additions too like auto focus toggle and clicked marker highlighting.
  • 17/06/16: Content updated to patch 3.3 and added external links for all items and ff14angler links for fishing spots
  • 20/06/16: Site now remembers the last area/category you viewed and map options you've set. Updated map tiles to 3.3 versions
  • 04/09/16: Added elite mark spawn locations and remapped the aether currents altered in Patch 3.3
  • 30/09/16: Added patch 3.4 mining/botany nodes
  • 23/10/16: Added patch 3.4 big fish
  • 19/03/17: Added patch 3.5 content and updated Diadem to 2.0
  • 03/03/18: Stormblood content added! Hunt monsters, vistas, aether currents, mining, botany and fishing
  • 11/01/19: Stormblood treasure maps added.
  • 22/06/19: Item icons added.
  • 30/07/19: Shadowbringers content added! Hunt monsters, vistas, aether currents and treasure maps
  • 10/08/19: Added SB/SHB vista images
  • 19/04/20: Added SHB elite mark spawns; Remove Diadem
  • 20/12/21: Endwalker content added! Vistas and aether currents. Disabled all gathering-related categories due to outdated or incomplete information.
  • 03/01/22: EW hunt monsters.
  • 06/01/22: EW treasure maps (full party).
  • 09/01/22: Fixed EW party treasure maps being mixed up with solo maps; added solo maps category.
  • 24/02/23: Added Ophiotauroskin treasure maps.